December 26, 2014


Weekly. Delicious. Convenient.

With our lean diet meal delivery plans, you get a week’s worth (3 meals a day) of vegan dishes that are always delicious, healthy, chef prepared meals you can conveniently grab-and-go from your refrigerator. Each meal arrives in a microwave and oven safe container that you can take with you to eat almost anywhere. Just pick the meal you are in the mood for, heat it up, season it to your taste and voila!

We offer customized meal plans as well. Call us at (888)420-4080 for modifications.

Our cuisine styles range from Mediterranean Continental, Asian, and South American.  Check out our menu for more information!


Natural. Fresh.

Everything is made to order by our chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Our meals are tasty, dense, nutrient-rich, and all natural. We use local, in-season produce. We don’t use frozen or processed ingredients, we never use preservatives, and we keep oils to a minimum.

Because our produce is fresh and organic, it’s bursting with flavor. We don’t need to mask the taste with oily, salty sauces. In fact, we want the natural flavors of real food to come through. Look at our ingredients list, and you will recognize every one of them. If you’d like to add some extra seasoning, be our guest, but we encourage you to take a few bites first and see how fruits and veggies were really meant to taste.



Our meal plans are shipped fresh (never frozen) every week in specially designed coolers with ice packs. The coolers keep your meals tasty and fresh while being delivered to your home or office.

With our deliveries typical scheduled for Friday delivery, you can follow our suggested schedule or pick and choose what you want to have for the week ahead.

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