These Weights are Loyal

February 2, 2015


Invest in your foundation.


Go hard especially when no one is looking.  What you do on a regular basis will make or break you.  Bodybuilding and weightlifting can be used to make or break you depending on your mindset and what you choose to do with them.  I use weight training as a tool.  I don’t allow weight training to dictate the way I treat myself or others.  It does influence change and temptations but you must master your mind and body.  You are responsible for your words and actions.  There will be many inside and outside influence during your walk in life but you have the power of choice.  Weight training influences powerful physical, spiritual and emotional change.  You’ll be challenge to change things within and around you to progress in life or transgress.  The decision is up to you.  Invest wisely.

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