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January 11, 2015

IMG_5083.JPGGymShark underwear got me feeling like..


What is your motivation? It could be one thing, people, place or thing.  My purpose motivates me.  I have a responsibility to use the gifts to the best of my abilities to maximize my mental, spiritual, physical potential and help everyone within my reach achieve the same.  Plan to win.  Know that there will be obstacles along the way.  They are intimidating at first but then you find out the’res a warrior inside.  Obstacles are submissive and meant to be conquered.

IMG_4736.JPG IMG_4720.JPG

You were born to win but you’ll have to earn it.  Life challenges you to submit to your purpose or fail.  What’s it gonna be? What you feed your mind, how you spend your time will dictate whether or not your prepared to persever and overcome your obstacles.  I win not just because I was born but because I plan to.  Make some time prior to the start of your week to brainstorm a plan of action.  Enjoy the photos!

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