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December 12, 2014

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Accept the challenge of a lifetime and never look back.

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Looking for the next mental and physical challenge or just seek motivation to maximize your fitness goals?  Look no further. Reebok Spartan Race offers 3 types of races to help you break pass your plateau and conquer your fears.  “Spartan Sprint” – A great starting point to become a Spartan by finishing 3 miles of muddy running and 15 obstacles; “Spartan Super” features an 8 mile track and 20 obstacles designed to push you to your limits and test your resolve and, finally, “Spartan Beast” provides 12 miles of running through water, mud and uncertain terrain just to be faced with another grueling 25 obstacles that will test all of your strength and make you face your demons.  Reebok and sponsors offer a $100,000 for anyone up for the challenge of a lifetime to win 14 consecutive races.  Learn more about the history of the Spartan Race below.

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Spartan Race is a series of obstacle race, founded in the years of 2001 by Mike Morris, Joe De Sena, Selicia Sevigny, Andy Weinberg, Richard Lee, Brian Duncanson, Shaun Bain, and Noel Hanna. Every one of them has a broad background in the field of athletics, service and racing. The initial Spartan Race event was held in the year of 2010 at the Catamount Outdoor Center in Williston, Vermont, representing the city of Burlington, Vermont. There were only 500 competitors to crawl, run, jump, swim and overcome a variety of obstacles. On the successful completion of the event they were awarded with the medal and prizes. In the month of Jan 2013, Reebok was declared as an event title sponsor.

In 2012, Raptor Consumer Partners invested and became a partner into Spartan Races, whereas in 2013, Spartan Races announced Reebok to become its event title sponsor, hence created 2013’s “Reebok Spartan Race Series”.

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Spartan Race is hard to finish. It does not provide any course map of guide to their participants till the actual race day. There are various types of obstacles present in the course and they differ in nature according to the distance. Some most usual obstacles include:

  • Fire jump: where the participants have to leap over the flames. Generally, this kind of obstacle is found at the start or end of the race course. Mostly every Spartan Race has fire jump obstacles, despite certain venues do not allow the use of fire.
  • Barbed wire crawl: It is something where the participants have to crawl through the mud low to the ground so as to save themselves not get injured by the pointed hurting wire.
  • Spear throw: a successful wooden spear through from the distance of about 10-20 yards into a target can complete the task. Participants failed in the assignment are charges for a penalty.
  • Wall climb: The runners, in this obstacle has to climb over a wooden wall, which may have 4–8 feet height with a repeated sequence all the way through the course.
  • Object carries: It is the most challenging task where the runner have to carry an object like tires, sandbag or rock-filled bucket of 30 and 70 pounds weight. Often is has been seen that men generally carry heavier objects as compared to women do.
  • Over-Under-Through: here the participants have to go through under the wall, climb over a wall and get through a tire or hole sited in a wall. This is the most common obstacle found in repeating times in all Spartan Races.

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