January 29, 2015

Increase athletic performane with the sauna.

Increase endurance by:

Increasing nutrient delivery to muscles thereby reducing the depletion of glycogen stores.
Reducing heart rate and reducing core temperature during workload.
Increase muscle hypertrophy by preventing protein degradation through the following three means:

Induction of heat shock proteins and a hormetic response (which has also been shown to increase longevity in lower organisms).
Cause a massive release of growth hormone.
Improving insulin sensitivity.
Hyperthermic conditioning also has robust positive effects on the brain:

Increases the storage and release of norepinephrine, which improves attention and focus.
Increases prolactin, which causes your brain to function faster by enhancing myelination and helps to repair damaged neurons.
Increases BDNF, which causes the growth of new brain cells, improves the ability for you to retain new information, and ameliorates certain types of depression and anxiety.
Causes a robust increase in dynorphin, which results in your body becoming more sensitive to the ensuing endorphins.

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