Pierre Abena Modeling to Acting

November 23, 2014

Pierre Abena (9)

Pierre Abena catches up with Max The Body with insight into his world.

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MAX THE BODY: What’s your full name?

PIERRE: Pierre Abena

MAX: What’s your height and weight?

PIERRE: 6’3, 200 lbs

MAX: What’s your nationality? What languages do you speak?

PIERRE: I’m French. My father is from Cameroon and my mother from Italy. I’m fluent in French, English and Spanish. I’m ok in Italian.

MAX: Where you from? And where do you live?

PIERRE: I’m from France, Paris. I’m currently living in LA.

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MAX: What do you do?

PIERRE: I’m a model and actor.

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MAX: Who is your representation?

PIERRE: I’m represented by Wilhelmina in LA and NYC, Next models in Miami and London, D’men in Italy, Angels in Paris. I’m also represented by NTA as a commercial agency in LA and LA Models for runway.

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MAX: You have great photos. Is it hard to be a professional model?

PIERRE: Thank you! It’s a fun job. It gives me the opportunity to express myself in many different ways. I enjoy making silly faces to the most serious ones.

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MAX: How did you get started with exercise? How long have you been training? What was the motivation to start and what keeps you motivated?

PIERRE: I’ve always been active as a child and played sports. I have to look and feel healthy. In order to do so, I must maintain weekly exercise to burn off all the junk food I eat, LOL.

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MAX: What is your purpose in life and what motivates you to fulfill your purpose?

PIERRE: My purpose is to encourage people to pursue their dreams. The positive feedback I receive motivates me to keep going.

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MAX: What do you do for fun other than lift things up and put them down?

PIERRE: To be honest the gym already takes up too much of my time, LOL. I enjoy outdoor activities, traveling and I like going to museums. I love Egyptian art and culture.

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MAX: What is an ideal date? (Location, activity, etc.)

PIERRE: An ideal date would be with Eva Mendes! LOL To me a date should be very simple, like a nice dinner and then a walk on the beach. It’s always better to keep it simple the first time in order to get to know each other.

MAX: Where are some of your favorite vacation getaways?

PIERRE: I love Maldives and Bahamas!

MAX: What does being happy mean to you?

PIERRE: Being with the person you love! Happiness is in the most simple things.

MAX: Why are you so humble?

PIERRE: Is it humble to answer to this question? LOL

MAX: Is posing natural for you or did you have to work at it?

PIERRE: In order for the picture to be effective it has to be natural and unfortunately there is no school for that. In my case I always feel very comfortable in front of the camera.

Pierre Abena

MAX: Why did you transition from model to acting and how has the journey been so far journey?

PIERRE: The transition has been natural for me. I’ve accomplished a lot as a model and I just want to expand my horizon. It’s been an amazing journey so far having the opportunity to work in so many different countries, with such amazing people.

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MAX: How does exercise and nutrition influence your daily life?

PIERRE: It’s a part of my daily routine to workout and eat well.

MAX: What would you say to people that look up to you who struggle with obstacles?

PIERRE: Obstacles are part of success and that success is impossible without obstacles to be conquered!

MAX: Do you listen to music while you exercise? If so what’s on your playlist?

PIERRE: Music helps pushing my limits. I listen to everything from French rap to trap music.

MAX: What’s your workout like? Do you train all week? Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, days off etc.

PIERRE: I workout 4 times a week, I have a very specific workout based mainly on cardio each time I include 30 minutes cardio to stay lean and I don’t lift heavy to maintain current size. As a model I have to pay close attention to that in order to fit designer clothes.

MAX: What is your diet philosophy? Are you on a strict diet? What are your cheat foods?

PIERRE: I’m not on a strict diet, and to be honest I’m a foodie. My cheat foods are sweet foods like French crepes with Nutella, LOL.

MAX: What types of cardio do you do and do you enjoy it?

PIERRE: I love cardio I do mainly elliptical or running along the beach.

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MAX: Do you prefer to workout solo or with a partner? Why or why not?

PIERRE: I prefer to workout with my gym partner Max The Body so we can push each other to the limit every workout!

Max Philisaire Pierre Abena

MAX: Who is your competition?

PIERRE: I don’t look at anyone as competitors, more so as co-workers and I wish everyone success.

MAX: Who do you look up to and why?

PIERRE: Nelson Mandela for his philanthropy.

MAX: What else are passionate about?

PIERRE: I’m passionate about history mainly Egyptian history.

MAX: What is your most prized possession?

PIERRE: My sincerity and honesty.

MAX: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What are some of your goals?

PIERRE: On the big screen in some of your favorite movies 😉 I want to be a successful actor.

MAX: Any favorite quotes you’d like to bless us with?

PIERRE: I do have one but it’s in French, lol. The readers will have to translate: “A la recherche de l’art d’avoir toujours raison!”

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