Pack on Muscle Weights

November 7, 2014

max philisaire weight gain

Weight loss is so popular that we forget that some people have a problem gaining weight.

The goal requires more or less the same as weight loss, in which caloric intake versus caloric output. It’s a two-pronged approach, which includes an accurate habit of right eating and right exercising. It is wise to take care of the body you have rather than the body you wish you had. Meaning get to know your body and how to master it to achieved maximum potential. A strong mindset is required to achieve and maintain anything in life. Take it one day at a time until it becomes second nature to win. Increased calorie intake, coupled with protein and nutrients is key. Along with a weight-training regiment of at least four times a week will help you achieve the desired muscle mass. Set realistic goals and respect the process.

Add compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, rows, presses and pull-ups for maximum results. Keep the workouts intense and short. All you need is 45 minutes to 60 minute of hardcore training. Don’t make the gym a hangout and don’t over train unless you feel it works for you and your body type.

Eat 5/ 6 meals per day to build your body. Meal size varies per person. There will be some trial and error. Start with a program. Stick to it so you can monitor change and get to know your body. That is how you end up with a customized program that guarantees you results. Your food intake should be packed with core body building macros like carbohydrates, protein and nutrients. Protein shakes, whole grain bread and fruit smoothies, the food full of minerals, nutrients, vitamins and calories are good for you. Just before or after a workout you should be fueled with protein and the right amount of carbs.

With the right foods, right amount and right exercise, what’s going to stop you? A disciplined lifestyle is required to win in life. This includes plenty of sleep, proper rest to increase gains and decrease stress. It is very important to know that the body grows while you sleep and not in the gym. It is the recovery that does the real building. Stress causes muscle loss and fat build-up due to the excessive secretion of cortisol, a growth hormone. Try and get at least 7 hours of good sleep at night. Get to work!

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