Montinique Gives Us The Full Monti

December 7, 2014


This Texas Girl Brings the Heat.

I got a chance to catch up with the beautiful Montinique Dever for a quick workout and chat about modeling, acting and her fitness lifestyle.  I think you’ll enjoy her images and interview as much as I did.

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MAX THE BODY: What’s your full name?

MONTINIQUE: My full name is Montinique Dever

MAX: Do you have a nickname? If so, why?

MONTINIQUE: I like to go by Monti because it’s easier to pronounce, its catchy, and I like boyish names lol.

MAX: What’s your height and weight?

MONTI: I’m about 5’9 and honestly I can’t even remember the last time I stepped on a scale. I feel like its just another number so that doesn’t really matter much to me.

MAX: What’s your nationality? What languages do you speak?

MONTI: I’m African American. I get so many people asking me if I’m African lol.

MAX: Where you from? Where do you live?

MONTI: I was born and raised in Texas. Houston to be exact! I love my city.

MAX: What do you do?

MONTI: At the moment I model but now I’m getting more into the acting side.

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MAX: Do you have representation or are you interested?

MONTI: I’m represented by Wild models and talent and i am currently seeking new representation. I would love to sign with a new talent agency.

MAX: Your images speak volume. What do you try to communicate when you shoot? Do you come up with the concepts?

MONTI: Honestly when I shoot I just give them all of me. I never do concepts that I’m uncomfortable with. As you can see I’m a very open person and I’m just comfortable in my own skin. Most of my simple concepts are thought of on my own but the editorial shoots that I do usually comes from a stylist or creative director.

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MAX: How did you get started with modeling? How long have you been doing it? What was the motivation to start and what keeps you motivated?

MONTI: I started out modeling in back home in Houston about 5 years ago. I got bored and needed a challenge so I came to LA! Honestly I would have to say that positive feedback keeps me going. Its nothing like hearing someone tell you that your pictures give them a reason to smile or stay motivated to go for their dreams!

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MAX: What is your purpose in life and what motivates you to fulfill your purpose?

MONTI: I feel like I was put here to go through some things, get through it, and tell the world that we are bigger than our doubts and fears. I’ve recently been blessed with the opportunity to share my story with millions of viewers. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. Words can’t explain how happy I am about it. I can’t say much at the moment, but just know that it’s coming!

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MAX: What is your religious belief?

MONTI: I’m not religious at all. I’m more of a spiritual person if anything. I don’t believe that you have to go to church every Sunday to prove anything.

MAX: What do you do for fun other than take selfies on the beach?

MONTI: Hahahhaha that’s a good question and I’m almost positive that everyone wants to know! But yes I enjoy working out of course. I also love attending networking events and going out for drinks with my girls. And of course spending quality time with my boyfriend.

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MAX: What is an ideal date? (Location, activity, etc.)

MONTI: Hmmm… well seeing as if I’m a southern girl I’m very simple. I would have to say my ideal date would be at a nice place with a view of the ocean or either the skyline. Preferably a place where we can talk and enjoy each other’s conversation rather than looking at everyone else. Candles, wine, seafood and laughter is all that I would need!!!

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MAX: What does being a strong woman mean to you?

MONTI: STRONG BLACK WOMAN! A strong black woman to me means that you stand tall at all times and never expect to be treated anything less than a Queen!

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MAX: How does exercise and nutrition influence your daily life?

MONTI: Lets be real my body is how I get paid. If I slack so does my pockets!

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MAX: What would you say to people that look up to you who struggle with obstacles?

MONTI: Always follow your heart. It’s just a bump on the road that’s meant to be conquered. Things could always be worse, so take your struggles as a blessing to keep pushing.

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MAX: Do you listen to music while you exercise? If so what’s on your playlist?

MONTI: AHHHHHHH!!! Music is a MUST! Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Rhianna, Drake, or any kind of trap music

MAX: What’s your workout like? Do you train all week? Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, days off etc.

MONTI: Usually I like to train about 4-5 days a week. I’m in love with weight lifting so I usually try to do it a few days a week. I’m really focusing on leaning out and it’s been hard but I’m keeping at it until I reach my goal. I’m not by any means a skinny person I love my curves I just want to perfect them that’s all.

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MAX: What is your diet philosophy? Are you on a strict diet? What are your cheat foods?

MONTI: I’m not on a strict diet and I honesty don’t believe in being on one. I believe in a lifestyle change more than anything. Although I like the taste of chicken I can’t eat too much of it. I prefer eating seafood daily because it not only helps me with leaning out but it makes me feel lighter if that makes sense.

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MAX: Who is your competition?

MONTI: I’m not in competition with anyone but myself.

MAX: Who do you look up to and why?

MONTI: I look up to my mom more than anyone. She’s the strongest most passionate person that I’ve ever met.

MAX: What else are passionate about?

MONTI: I would have to say I’m very passionate about my relationship. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9 years and I love him to death. He’s my forever and always.

MAX: What is your most prized possession?

MONTI: My most prized possession is my heart. I’m very picky about who I let in my life rather its friendship or relationship. I feel like not everyone deserves it.

MAX: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What are some of your goals?

MONTI: In the next 5 years I will be a BO$$ by any means!

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MAX: Do you have any upcoming projects, shoots or travel dates you’d like to share with our readers?

MONTI: I have a really dope project that are close to my heart. I can’t really say much about it but finally the world will get to know the real me.

MAX: Any favorite quotes you’d like to bless us with?

MONTI: My grandma used to tell me “Never put off today for tomorrow”. I live by that. Tomorrow’s not promised so make today count.

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