MAX OUT 2015 USA Tour

April 20, 2015


I’m proud to announce my MAX OUT 2015 USA tour kicking off in Austin, Texas.  Everything is so much better in person. I aspire to inspire you to maximize your full potential within your community.

Fitness is a very powerful and effective tool to inspire people to transform both their minds and body.  Everyone wants to look and feel good but not everyone has the motivation required to put their goals into action.  I will share my approach to fitness and answer any questions that you may have about your total body transformation journey.  Let’s make your dreams a reality!

Coming to a city near you!  See the MAX OUT travel schedule below:

Austin, TX: Apr. 22-26
Nashville, TN:  Apr. 29
Washington D.C:  May 1-4
NY:  May 6
San Antonio, TX: May 11-17
New Orleans, LA: May 19-25
Atlanta, GA:  May 27-31
Charlotte, NC:  June 2-9
Atlanta, GA:  June 11-15
Baltimore, MD:  June 18
Washington D.C:  June 19
Baltimore, MD:  June 20-21
Lexington, KY:  June 25-29
Cincinnati, OH:  June 30-July 1
Columbus, OH:  July 2-5
Chicago, IL:  July 8-12
Baltimore, MD:  July 17-20
Natchez, MS:  July 24-28
Myrtle Beach:  July 30-Aug 3
Charleston, NC:  Aug. 4-5
Miami, FL:  Aug. 7-15
Asheville, NC:  Aug. 20-24
Greensboro, NC:  Aug. 25-30
Royal Oak, MI:  Sep. 1-8
Annapolis, MD:  Sep. 11-13

Email to find out more information about the schedule and reserve your ticket.

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