Make Your Tears Drop

November 10, 2014

max philisaire legs


Build an aesthetically pleasing physique and powerful base by training legs.

max philisaire quads

max philisaire legs

Upper body workouts alone cannot trigger the anabolic response which releases testosterone and human growth hormone for increased muscle size and strength. Not only will your legs grow but your other muscle groups will improve for that aesthetically pleasing physique.

Strong and massive legs are great achievements but I aim for quality over quantity. Aesthetics over everything. To develop and build the vastus medialis obliquus a.k.a. “tear drop” you must go beyond the strength and mass goal, train your legs relentlessly and push them to max. 😉

Perform leg extensions with the toes pointed “in” to place an emphasis on the outer portion and point them out to activate the vastus lateralis, VMO. Be sure to hold the contraction at the top for at least one second to engage more muscle fibers for increased growth.

High rep leg press allow more blood into the muscle. Never lock the knees at the top and keep resistance on the quads. Place feet together and perform slow and controlled negatives, exploding back up with the positive.

Step-Ups can be done with or without extra weight. Typically you would need more resistance than just body weight to develop the quads but this exercise activates the quads and allows for a stretch at the VMO for maximum results. Flex the knee and quads at the top of the movement and use the non-working leg mainly for balance.

Build your legs with barbell squats. They not only add mass to your quads but most importantly strengthen you core. Squats can stimulate growth in the hamstrings, glutes, when performed properly. To really target the quads you will need to place a block below your heels. This allows for more stretch and deeper reach to effectively target the quads.

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