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November 17, 2014

Jean Zaynab Bell

Holistic health coach Jean Bell shares her journey with Health is Beauty.

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MAX THE BODY: What’s your full name?

JEAN BELL: Jean Zaynab Bell

MAX: Do you have a nickname? If so, why?

JEAN: My friends and family call me Jeannie cause it’s easier to say in Spanish. My mom butchers my name if she tries to pronounce Jean.

MAX: What’s your height and weight?

JEAN: 5’5″ – 115

MAX: How do we know each other?

JEAN: We met through our friends Assal and Pierre while dancing like party animals at Warwick. HA…sort of.

MAX: What’s your nationality? What languages do you speak?

JEAN: My mother is Honduran and my father is Scottish so I was raised Bilingual speaking Spanish and English.

MAX: Where are you from? And where do you live?

JEAN:I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but raised in many places like, The Philippines, The Marshall Islands, Honduras, China, Oakland and then back to Hawaii. I consider Hawaii home although I now live in Hollywood, California.

MAX: What is “Health is Beauty”?

JEAN: Health Is Beauty is the name of my nutritional counseling business that’ll soon offer fitness training once I’m certified. It’s based off the idea that our health starts within and is the beginning to our “beauty.” I believe it’s not just aesthetic but more so about life as a whole. The internal work is necessary in order to reap the external benefits.

MAX: What is Bio Individuality?

JEAN: Bio Individuality is the understanding of each persons biochemical differences and individual needs. Meaning that one person’s medicine can be another person’s poison and that not all dietary, fitness or lifestyle suggestions apply to all people. It isn’t good for everyone to be Vegan or for everyone to eat meat it depends on your specific life story.

MAX: Are you a green freak?

JEAN: HA HA I’m definitely headed in that direction since I’m interested in nature and the preservation of our planet. I’m still learning more about recycling and eco conscious living that would better the environment and our countries economic state. So I guess yes.

MAX: What does it mean to be a holistic health coach?

JEAN: A Holistic Health Coach goes beyond calorie counting, diet evaluation, meal planning or workout suggestions. I go further into helping you explore all aspects of your life and how you interact with your environment. How connected you are mind, body and spirit. Digging into these things helps you identify the answers to your own questions regarding what’s off balance internally.

MAX: What exactly do you do?

JEAN: When a client commits to working with me, we get together for 1-2 hours at a time on a weekly basis and we go through their back ground and go over everything they’re comfortable sharing with me. We then work together towards making replacements of their favorite foods with healthier more suiting alternatives that don’t leave them feeling deprived. In special cases I go through their refrigerators and grocery shop either with or without them as part of teaching them how to control their food choices and move in the direction they want. Then the rest is about updating the maintenance and getting them ready to do it all on their own until they don’t need me anymore. My goal is for them to work with me shortly and then move on. I don’t want to keep anyone dependent.

MAX: What is your religious belief?

JEAN: I was raised in the Bahaii Faith but started to identify more with Buddhism about 5 years ago. I have a daily spiritual practice that consists of setting intentions, meditating, and chanting prayer.

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MAX: Do you offer personal training service? If so, where?

JEAN: As of right now no since I’m studying Fitness through NASM and want to complete my certification before adding those services to my business.

MAX: You have amazing images of yummy looking food. Do you prepare these dishes and you do share?

JEAN: Well thank you! Most of the dishes I post on my IG, I do prepare. When I repost other peoples photos/recipes etc I always credit them. About sharing though, YES I always cook and create things that my family and friends benefit from. They get all my extras too. It’s more fun to share.

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MAX: Why don’t you have more images of yourself on your instagram? Are you hiding from someone? Where can we go to see images of you as well as your foods?

JEAN: HA HA HA NO I’m not hiding from anyone. I’ve focused on making my IG about a community and about an overall movement towards real health so I didn’t want to make it the “Jean Show.” I’m just now starting to post more photos of myself with relevant things like workouts, apparel modeling or product placement by companies that have sent me things to post. There’ll be more soon.

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MAX: How did you get started with exercise? How long have you been training? What was the motivation to start and what keeps you motivated?

JEAN: I didn’t really get into being consistently active until I was 21 when I noticed my Latina curves started setting in a bit too heavily. Then I got into Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Swimming and learning about weights and resistance workouts. I’m 27 now so about 7 years. What motivates me is the idea of becoming better with time. 10 years from now I’ll have learned double what I know now which is why I should look and feel even better than today.

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MAX: What is your purpose in life and what motivates you to fulfill your purpose?

JEAN: I now understand that I’m a healer and I’ve always had these abilities since I was a kid. Some people have the energy and some don’t. Finally knowing that is exciting cause what I’m doing is helping people become better which is a form of healing. Being able to really change peoples lives motivates me.

MAX: What do you do for fun other than lift and play in the Forrest?

JEAN: HA!!! I do love to play in the Forrest  BUT I also love music especially reggae so I like to go to live shows and go dancing with friends. All things that provide good vibes.

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MAX: What is an ideal date? (Location, activity, etc.)

JEAN: I’m adventurous and I love surprises so an ideal date would be something like going on an unfamiliar hike and then food touring the area I’m exploring. Going to different spots and grabbing a bite at each one to sample new things. That’s a good time to me.

MAX: Where are some of your favorite vacation getaways?

JEAN: I’m gonna give a biased answer here but Hawaii is always a good idea. I always want to be near the beach and I hate cold weather so anywhere sunny and tropical. Costa Rica is next on my list.

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MAX: What does beauty mean to you?

JEAN: To me, Beauty means being a healthy, balanced and good hearted person. Those that have all these qualities are the most beautiful of all. I’m pretty grateful that I know a lot of them.

MAX: Why are you humble?

JEAN: Because it’s the way I was raised. I try to stay detached from too much ego stroking since that’s all temporary. There’ll always be someone prettier, smarter, fitter etc and all I can do is work at being my own best. Treating others the way I wish to be treated. It’s a continual work in progress.

MAX: Were you always a plant eater or did you have to work at it?

JEAN: Not at all, it wasn’t until I was 19 that my Dr. told me that I had high cholesterol and and a really low immune system due to nutritional deficiencies that could be corrected with proper diet. So I researched and started eating tons of veggies, then I realized I loved them. My changes also changed my parents diets which reversed their own health issues and got them off of more then half of the pharmaceuticals they’d been dependent of. That’s why I take this all so seriously. Food really is Medicine and my family is proof of it.

MAX: How does exercise and proper nutrition influence your daily life?

JEAN: I make it a point to wake up to a well balanced power breakfast every single day which means I investigate where my produce comes from and the quality of the meat that I occasionally eat. This means that when I’m traveling I look up local farms or grocery stores that have the best whole food possible. I also carry 5lb ankle weights and workout gear wherever I go so I can do my routines out on the road. I’ve had to make drastic lifestyle changes and cut out toxic people that didn’t respect or understand my way of living.

MAX: What would you say to people that look up to you who struggle with obstacles?

JEAN: I’d say that anyone can change anything if you decide to. It’s all about your mentality and changing your community to reflect what you stand for. So keep positive people and affirmations around that’ll motivate you to work through your obstacles.

MAX: Do you listen to music while you exercise? If so what’s on your playlist?

JEAN: Yeah, definitely. I love Jazz, reggae, indie rock and soul BUT I call my workout playlist my squat music. It’s usually really obnoxious hype music that I listen to with my windows rolled up. LMAO. I’ll only share 3 since this is top secret information.
1.Migos-Fight Night
2.Chief Keef-Put in Work
3.ASAP Ferg-Shabba

MAX: What’s your workout like? Do you train all week? Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, days off etc.

JEAN: My go to routine consists of whole body training starting with 5-20 min of jogging for cardio,
then focus on butt and legs with 3 sets of 15-20 reps of kick backs using 5lb ankle weights, jump squats, lunges using 8lb weights, wall squats with 10 sec holds using 8lb weights and standard squats using 20lb medicine ball. Although these are known for butt and legs they work my entire body and add definition to my stomach as well as back. I occasionally switch it up and shock my body with a new activity or workout depending on my mood. I do this 4 days a week leaving my body one day to rest between but I always stretch after every set and even all throughout the day every single day. Stretching is a must in my opinion.

MAX: What is your diet philosophy? Are you on a strict diet? What are your cheat foods? Are you too good for cheat foods?

JEAN: My philosophy is that as you change your level of activity, as the weather changes, as the relationships in your life change and your emotional state changes, so will your needs and cravings. SO on that note I don’t have a strict depriving diet. I just go by key basics of whole organic foods that are unprocessed and as green as possible. Everyday I have at least a couple of servings of bright green vegetables, whether raw, cooked, juiced or blended. Aside from that it varies. Sometimes I crave meat and I allow myself to have the best quality of it, especially fish that’s what I have the most of. Salmon is my favorite. About cheat days and foods um YES I’m a sucker for pastries especially cupcakes. HA. I love a coffee flavored dairy free cupcake.

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MAX: What types of cardio do you do and do you enjoy it?

JEAN: Jogging is part of my typical routine but I keep it at a minimum because I drop weight really easily when I do it for too long. So my favorite form is an outdoor activity like hiking, biking, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking or climbing trees. LOL no not climbing trees just kidding. But technically that could work?

MAX: Do you prefer to workout solo or with a partner? Why or why not?

JEAN: It totally depends on my mood but I usually like to have a partner because it’s fun and we laugh which makes time go by faster.

MAX: What supplements do you use, if any?

JEAN: I love all GAIA Herbal products because they’re well made and come in liquid filled capsules which means they’re stronger than powder. They’ve really helped me boost my immune system. Aside from that I like Whole Foods vitamins selections and I take Fish Oil, Zinc, Vit A in Krill Oil form, Olive Leaf Extract, Vit D3 and a Calcium/Magnesium

MAX: Who is your competition?

JEAN: I don’t think about things like that. I’m too busy worrying about my own goals to compare myself to everyone else.

MAX: Who do you look up to and why?

JEAN: I love a sincere philanthropist who’s come from nothing to reaching big accomplishments. Oprah is sill at the top of my list.

MAX: Which athletes or plant eaters inspire and motivate you? (Doesn’t have to be bodybuilding or fitness)

JEAN: I’m really interested in and inspired by Kimberly Snyder since she started her empire by trying to heal herself first which I can relate to. I believe she’s also a healer and that was her life purpose which is why things have gone so well for her.

MAX: What else are you passionate about?

JEAN: I love documentaries and I’m constantly watching new ones. I just love to learn especially about things having to do with social justice. Documentaries and film are fascinating cause it’s such a raw form of expression that speaks to me. It’s a great way to speak to and get through to a mass of unaware people.

MAX: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What are some of your goals?

JEAN: I see myself running my own business that combines nutrition and fitness. I’ll be hosting seminars and travel retreats that focus on improving peoples lives. I’d like to eventually open my own practice and part of my current travels are to locate where my future practice would be based.

MAX: Do you have any upcoming projects or travel dates you’d like to share with our readers?

JEAN: I’m currently traveling through Texas and getting familiar with it’s health conscious communities then I’m off to San Francisco and Miami. So I invite everyone to follow my adventures over at my instagram as I document my journey towards the goals I just mentioned.

MAX: Any favorite quotes you’d like to bless us with?

JEAN: Absolutely! It’s one that’s very personal to me. “To thine own self be true”. -Shakespeare

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