Gunz Out

January 28, 2015


Take it outside.


It was a great weekend.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy this California weather and hit the pull up bars.  Edouard and TJ The Contender meet up with me at Santa Monica Beach.  TJ even brought his football.  I’ve never played football but I think I may have to organize a flag football competition just for fun.  Not to brag but it feels like we’re always on vacation over here.  Don’t believe me?  See the photos for yourself.  I live in the gym.  I find it fun and therapeutic but there is more to life than the gym, so I like to take it outside sometimes.  Live a little.  Get in tuned with nature.  Be social with the locals, get a quick pump on the outdoor obstacles and get it on video.  Thanks to Shannon Muir, we got some nice GymShark videos coming at you.  If its cold where you live, make the best out of it and take a trip to the west coast when time permits.  Peace!

IMG_7041.JPG IMG_7053.JPG IMG_7046.JPG IMG_7077.JPG IMG_7064.JPG IMG_7090.JPG IMG_7620.JPG

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