Football vs Aesthetics

January 1, 2015


Big Herb Law Doesn’t Even Lift.

Herb Law is in town training for the Rugby Combine.  I had to take the opportunity to pick his brain but first let me take a selfie.  Don’t let his size fool you, he can move.  He is probably quicker than I am.  Well, maybe not lol but he is fast.  25o lbs is a threat on any platform so I stay on his good side.  TJ and I decided to workout on the other side of the gym to give him room to eat.  We all got a pretty good pump in.  In and Out like the burger place.  Herb did a lot more chatting than we did but look at him, he can afford to.  I look forward to the next workout.  More photos to come!

IMG_4360.JPG IMG_4342.JPG IMG_4340.JPG IMG_4348.JPG

I supplemented with EHPlabs BeyondBCAA during the workout and OxyWhey after.  Order yours HERE.

Get up close and personal with Herb on his Instagram.

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