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Welcome to my Max Back Attack E-book. Over my many years of training and helping other people achieve the physiques of their dreams, I have gotten many compliments on my back development. As a result, I’ve also gotten many questions regarding how to achieve a wide and thick back.

I’ve teamed up with my sponsors at EHPlabs to provide you guys with this ultimate guide to a MAX stacked back. I like to keep things simple. It’s easier to filter distractions that way. More time, focus and energy should go into proper execution and form of the exercise. I find that too many options can be overwhelming and confusing at times.

I have also included the supplements I use when I have a heavy workout such as this Back Attack session. I hope that it will help you train harder and recover faster. Remember, nothing is more essential than being consistent with a program, no matter which program we use. Results will come from maintaining a proper food intake and exercise schedule. The programs and supplements don’t add up without consistency.

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