Develop Great Biceps

May 27, 2015

The biceps is one of the smallest muscle groups we train in the gym. This means that it does not require a really high volume of training like bigger muscle groups such as chest, back or quads, but if not trained properly it might get left behind.

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is overtraining biceps. As said above biceps does not need too much sets and reps to get burned out, and for most people doing just one biceps workout per week or two shorter biceps workouts (about 10 sets or so each) per week is enough.
There are various biceps exercises that you can do and it is recommended to try all of them, and rotate the exercises you perform each workout. Try to do anywhere from 2 to 4 biceps exercises per workout and use different exercises on different workout days. We all have favorite exercises, but doing a variety of different movements will make the muscle have a fuller look, continue to develop and never adapt to a specific type of exercise or movement. So don’t stick with the same old exercises for too long.
Anyways, you don’t need to change up things entirely each time, you can still do the same 1 or 2 biceps exercises that you love and then do 1 or 2 different exercises each time you train.
What exercises to do?
Here are some of the most popular and effective exercises you can do for your biceps.
1. Straight bar curls – place your hands on the bar shoulder wide apart – this will allow you to work both the long and short heads of the biceps. Make sure to check your form and use a weight that allows you do to 8 to 12 reps per set without swinging or arching your back. Lower the weight if it affects your form.

2. Dumbbell curls – this exercise allows you to work out each arm independently, so if you feel that one of your arms is bigger than the other go away from the barbells for a period and workout more the weak arm. Moreover, dumbbell curls allows you to do different variations such as alternate dumbbell curls, twisting dumbbell curls or hummer curls if you want to put more emphasis on the long head, or respectively, the short head of the biceps.

You can do these while sitting down in order to take out any swinging and improve form.
3. Cable curls – are great because they keep the muscle under constant tension throughout the movement, causing the muscle to burn out faster than the above mentioned exercises.

4. Scott bench – can be performed using dumbbells, ZE bar or cables. Don’t go all the way up and don’t go all the way down; keep the tension on the muscle throughout the movement. The great thing about this exercise is that is helps a lot on the form because you have your elbows on the bench.

Rep range should be 8 to 12 for most of the time, form is very important, keep in mind that you need to focus on getting the muscle to do the work, not your entire body. These are biceps exercises, so try to isolate it and have the movement only workout your biceps.
Super setting or drop down sets are common techniques used for small muscle groups such as biceps, so try introducing them into your routine as well and see how it works for you.
Even though it might seem weird at first it helps to think about the muscle you are working on in order to have an effective workout and activate that mind – muscle connection.

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