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December 22, 2014


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Today wasn’t a typical Monday morning.  We were up earlier than usual for breakfast and made it to CrossFit Solcity for an early SolFit class in Hollywood.  You can work with professional coaches for a fraction of the cost.  The programs are designed for different activity levels and fitness goals.  SolCity offers multiple classes to help you reach your goal.  The SolFit class is a one-hour-intensity class, focused on burning fat, cardiovascular health and muscle tone.  CrossFit combines weightlifting, running, gymnastics, powerlifting, rowing, medicing ball training, mobility work and more.  SolCity Build-Up series is designed to introduce newcommers to the fundamental movements of CrossFit.  SolCity Mobility is not yoga.  It is an anatomy-based movement practice that utilizes stretching, theraputics, corrective exercise and massage.  They also offer Private Coacing and Physical Therapy for an additional cost.


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It was a challenging class led by Coach Lauren Ziel.  The regular members handled the pressure well.  I used them as motivation.  This is one of the benefits of group training.  I will perform better with my routines because I constantly take my mind and body out of it’s comfort zones to trigger change and progression.  This was my my first SolFit class but not my last.  The SolCity Build-UP is next up on my list.  I will work my way up to the CrossFit class.  We all started somewhere.  I want to make sure I’m effective at CrossFit and so I take advantage of the core and conditioning classes.  Video by Shannon Muir is coming soon.  Stay tuned and enjoy the photos.

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Shout out to Coach Lauren Ziel, Assal, Courtney, Andrew, TJ, Eduar, my sponsors GymShark and last but not least, Shannon for making this day happen on her birthday!

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