Who’s Got Your Back?

November 14, 2014


Many people exercise to develop muscles like chest, arms and shoulders neglecting the back.

Just because your back is not visible to the mirror it does not mean that you shouldn’t train it. A good back gives you a powerful physique with a narrow waist. Nothing worth having is easy but you’ll learn to love what it takes.

All your major muscle groups will get stronger for a more aesthetically pleasing look by putting a little effort in training your back. Your back is the staple, it is what takes all the pressure off the body while performing any activity.

It is always important to listen you to your body. Train it according to its need and capacity. Simply lifting heavy isn’t going to give you the results you seek. So get to know your body, focus on implementation that triggers development and gradually increase resistance.

To be the best version of yourself, you will have to be persistent and patient. Those two will keep you on the path to achieving your desired goal. In order to build the base for an aesthetic back, I recommend you begin with these three basic movements of pull-ups, dead lifts, and rows.

Dead lifts help to work your whole body including your back, biceps, traps, hamstrings, calves, quads, forearms, glutes, and all in between. Dead lifts require good form and focus , which may be the reason why many people don’t do them. My other favorite back exercises are wide/close-grip pull downs, t-bar rows, barbell rows and dumbbell pullovers. Let’s see what you got!

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