Your Best Self

January 3, 2015


Live a Life of Progression.


Life offers unlimited opportunities to learn, grow and pass it on.  Don’t ever get too comfortable for progression.  Your life depends on it, literally.  TJ The Contender and I make it a point to push each other in and out of the gym.  That’s what brothers do.  We challenge each other to be better than we were yesterday.  That mean expect the challenge and accept it.  Don’t be quick to protect your current comfort zone.  They aren’t loyal.  This  GymShark Fit Hoodie brings out the best of me.  What do you think? I look terribly small in clothes, so I tend to avoid them but I can do fitted all day.  I’m turning into a fashionista over night.  I can’t get enough clothes.  What do I wear and when do I wear it? lol.  On a serious note, I’ve worn many different sport and fitness apperal.  GymShark has definitely invested some time and energy into providing us with very comfortable innovative clothing.  Whether you’re the indoor, outdoor, gym or track and field athlete, you’ll find something just for you.  I’m actually inspired to wear more clothes and if you know me, I usually stay away from them unless we’re going to the north pole.  Another great workout session in the books.  It’s nice to train hard and wear clothing that has been designed with my comfort in mind.  Exercise day in and day out is tough enough.  I don’t need heavy clothing to go along with the challenge unless it helps you achieve your fitness goal that is.  Anyhow, check out the Loud Mouth stringers and Fit Hoodies available in multiple color combination HERE.

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