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December 11, 2014

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Multi-Talented Assal is Sweet as Honey, Hard Like Candy.

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I ran up on Assal at the gym for some insight into her world of music and art.

assal deshmeh max the body club

MAX THE BODY: What’s your full name?

ASSAL: Assal Deshmeh

MAX: Do you have a nickname? If so, why?

ASSAL: Kind of, some people call me “Honey, because Assal means Honey in Farsi.

MAX: What’s your height and weight?

ASSAL: 5.4″ , 116

MAX: What’s your nationality? What languages do you speak?

ASSAL: I am Persian. I speak Farsi, German, English a bit French and some Spanish.

MAX: Where you from? Where do you live?

ASSAL: I grew up in Hamburg, Germany. I am currently living in Los Angeles.

MAX: What do you do?

ASSAL: I am just a creative being, I am an Artist, a DJ, a Painter and peace lover.

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MAX: What is your religious belief?

ASSAL: I am a born Muslim, but I don’t practice any religion religiously. I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism, which is more so a spiritual path.

MAX: You have amazing images on your Instagram. Do you come up with all the concepts?

ASSAL: Thank you, yes I do.

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MAX: How did you get into music and art? Are you a model as well? How long have you been a DJ?

ASSAL: I have been in music since I’ve been little. I was lucky enough to go to a private school with a major in music once I turned 9. I played Violin in an Orchestra for many years and have a classical background in music. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I remember, both my dad and my uncle are painters. Naturally I started painting early on and rediscovered my passion for it in January 2013. I started DJing about 4 years ago, it all started with a passion for the craft and now turned into a job, which I love.

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MAX: What was the motivation to start painting and what keeps you inspired?

ASSAL: I am inspired my emotions, a muse was the reason I started painting again. To this day when I feel I pain, when I am sad I paint when I am happy I paint. I feel, I paint.

MAX: Where have you performed and where would you love to perform next? Where can we go see you perform next?

ASSAL: I love Djing for brands and exclusive events, one of my favorite places is the Soho house.

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MAX: Where can we go see your art creations?

ASSAL: You can find some of my pieces at LAB Art Gallery in Los Angeles

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MAX: You’ve endorsed Viniq. Can you tell us a little about the relationship?

ASSAL: Viniq asked me to be a Brand Ambassador, due to my following. Viniq is a purple liquor that has a shimmer in it. It’s a very cute product and compared to other liquors it is definitely on the artsy end. I like supporting art and anything artsy that is outside the box.

MAX: What is your purpose in life and what motivates you to fulfill your purpose?

ASSAL: I am in firm belief that we are all here for a reason, mine is to provide visuals and sounds to people to spark their inner artist and to see this world from a different perspective. I pursue my dreams, and I have never been afraid to do so.  I believe that everybody has a dream planted as a seed in their hearts for a reason. I am here to encourage to nurture that seed and to let it blossom. I want to help this world to become a better place, this is where I am starting and it is definitely not the end.

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MAX: What do you do for fun other than party and vandalize walls?

ASSAL: Lol I love outdoor activities visiting art galleries, discovering new places, having fun.

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MAX: What is an ideal date? (Location, activity, etc.)

ASSAL: Kidnap me to a place I have never been, stretch my mind with something I haven’t experienced. It doesn’t have to be fancy at all.

MAX: What does being an artist mean to you?

ASSAL: It means everything to me, it is what I am, without my creativity and an outlet I wouldn’t be a happy person.

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MAX: How would you describe your personal style? Who are some of your style icons?

ASSAL: I am a high fashion, hippie, punk with a touch of street wear.

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MAX: Do you run into any obstacles as a female DJ? What would you say to people that look up to you who struggle with obstacles?

ASSAL: As a female in general there are obstacles, as cliche as it sounds. My main concern has always been to be respected for my craft and not for my looks or the simply the fact that I am a female. That’s why I take all my crafts very serious, I study I practice I perfect what I do in order to gain respect.

MAX: Do you listen to music while you paint? If so what’s on your playlist?

ASSAL: I definitely do! And the music varies depending on what I am painting. Right now I love Lana Del Rey, Stromae and SZA.

MAX: What’s your workout like? Do you train all week? Please include a few details – training split, sets/reps, exercises, types of cardio, days off etc.

ASSAL: I train about 3-4 times a week, I usually start off with some cardio, treadmill or elliptical. Right now I am focusing on my gluts and abs, meaning I do at 3-4 reps of each exercise.

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MAX: Who is your competition?

ASSAL: I don’t really see anyone as my competition, if you are a real artist and truly create your own art you will be different from anybody else. We all have different paths and experiences in life that we draw from, which is why we would never create the same. We should all be happy to see someone succeed!

MAX: Who do you look up to and why?

ASSAL: I look up to real artists, real creators as well as enlightened giving people that dedicate their lives to help others and bring light to their lives.

MAX: What else are passionate about?

ASSAL: Love, I am a giver. Traveling, there are so many places left to see.

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MAX: What is your most prized possession?

ASSAL: A pure heart.

MAX: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What are some of your goals?

ASSAL: I see myself performing, creating and taking all my crafts to the next level.

MAX: Any favorite quotes you’d like to bless us with?

ASSAL: I like to write, so I figured I’ll share a quote I wrote :

“Life is a sum of all of our stories combined, the beauty about this life is that we write our own story. We shift it, we mess it up sometimes but those that know, know that the ending is always up to us.”

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