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January 13, 2015


Adrianne Nina styles the body from inside out.

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MAX THE BODY: Whats your full name?
ADRIANNE: Adrianne Nina

MAX: What’s your height and weight?
ADRIANNE: 5’5″,130 lbs

MAX: What’s your nationality? What languages do you speak?
ADRIANNE: African American.  I speak English, but would like to learn and speak French and Italian.

MAX: Where you from and where do you live?
ADRIANNE: SF Bay Area, CA and reside in West Hollywood, CA

MAX: What is your religious belief?
ADRIANNE: I’m not a follower of any particular religion. Instead I seek out more spiritual practices and beliefs.

MAX: Do you offer personal styling services? If so, where?
ADRIANNE: Yes. I am a wardrobe adviser based in Los Angeles. My clients hire me to assess their wardrobes.  I customize it based on their body shape, lifestyle, and personality.  You can learn more about my styling services on my website www.Wardrobe-Lookbook.com.


MAX: How did you get started with exercise? How long have you been training?  What was the motivation to get started and what keeps you motivated?
ADRIANNE:  I have always been a physically active. I grew up dancing ballet and jazz. I started training seriously 2 years ago. I wanting to feel and look my best. Certain clothes look best when you’re in shape. I like to wear whatever I like without feeling self-conscious and being fit allows me to do so.


MAX: What is your purpose in life and what motivates you to fulfill your purpose?
ADRIANNE: I haven’t quite discovered my purpose. I have many different interest, all of which I am passionate about. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate them into one purpose. As individuals I think we all hold on to a bank of knowledge and it is up to us to share our ideas with one another. This in turn could help bring us all to realize what our purpose is.


MAX: What do you do for fun other than lift?
ADRIANNE: Read, spend time with those close and dear to me, watch movies that are filled with suspense or comedy, dance, and check out the latest lounges and restaurants.

MAX: What is an ideal date? (Location, activity, etc.)
ADRIANNE: My ideal date would be something out of the norm. An activity that takes real thought and planning. I can’t say exactly what, because if a potential date reads this then I would make it too easy for them to impress me.


MAX: What does beauty mean to you?
ADRIANNE: Beauty is a feeling. A feeling that has a natural high from within that just exudes itself externally. That type of energy is undeniable.

MAX: How does exercise influence your daily life?
ADRIANNE: Before eating or doing something that could potentially harm my body I think about all the hard work I’ve put into getting where I am. So one could say that exercising keeps me in check.

MAX: What would you say to people that look up to you who struggle with obstacles?
ADRIANNE: Everything happens for everyone on a differently timeline. Be consistent and don’t give up. Once you make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle it becomes second nature. One day without even realizing it, you will have arrived to a place and point that your originally set out at the beginning of your journey.

MAX: Do you listen to music while you exercise? If, so whats on your playlist?
ADRIANNE: Yes, I love my music. The latest upbeat rap songs with strong 808s are on my playlist.

MAX: What’s your workout like? Do you train all week?
ADRIANNE:  Every week is different. Ideally I’d like to train at least 4 days a week, but sometimes I’m only able to train once or twice out of the week…it really depends on my schedule.


MAX: You’re in great shape. Can you share some quad and glute development training tips with our readers?
ADRIANNE: Thank you :-). My quads develop easily with little effort, so they aren’t usually my main focus. I’ve always embraced my curves, particularly my butt, which I must accredit to being genetically blessed. To maintain and enhance my lower body I do variation of exercise two to three times a week. Cross-back/curtsey lunges are my favorite because they work areas of the legs that regular lunges don’t. Other exercise that I do to target my legs and glutes are dead lifts, weighted squats, squat jumps, leg curls, and weighted back leg kicks.


MAX: What is your diet philosophy? Are you on a strict diet?
ADRIANNE: The word diet has such a negative connotation to it, so let’s go with the phrase eating habits. These eating habits include lots of veggies and protein. I don’t cut out carbs, but enjoy them in moderation and before 3:00pm. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even growing up as a child I could not function without having a meal first thing in the morning. I always start my day with glass of water, scrambled eggs with spinach, and/or oatmeal, along with a cup of tea. In addition to that I make a green smoothie using a handful of spinach, kale, chard, avocado, banana, lemon juice, vanilla almond milk, spirulina, maca root, Vega One Protein powder, and ice.

I take in little to no sodium. I stopped adding salt to recipes even if they call for it. There are so many other herbs and seasonings that are healthier and add just as much if not more flavor. When grocery shopping I select items with the least amount of sodium.

MAX: What types of cardio do you do and do you enjoy it?
ADRIANNE: I prefer to get my cardio in with circuit training…moving from one exercise to the next to keep my heart rate up. On occasion I’ll run in interval speeds or power walk at an incline on the treadmill.


MAX: Do you prefer to workout solo or with a partner? Why or why not?
ADRIANNE: I like to workout with a trainer sometimes when I need a bit more motivation and to learn new exercises to switch up my routine. Otherwise I prefer to workout by myself. I find working out with others slows me down and makes my workout less effective.

MAX: What supplements do you use? If any.
ADRIANNE: Vega One Protein Powder, Maca Root, Spiralina, and Collagen.

MAX: Who is your competition and why?
ADRIANNE: Myself because I am my toughest critic and I always strive to become a better version of me. Today I’m competing with who I was a week ago.


MAX: Who do you look up to and why?
ADRIANNE: I look up to successful female entrepreneurs. They are proof that impossible is possible. I admire their will and determination to lead and not just follow.

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